Market research – gas storage

GPontin Ltd is delighted to have supported Moffatt Associates and their clients – the Gas Security Group (GSG) – in delivering its recent research in the energy market, focused on gas and energy security..
As part of this project Gpontin Ltd implemented and conducted an online survey and analysis to assist Moffatt Associates in delivering a project for multiple clients in less than three weeks.

The intelligence gathered will be used by the Gas Security Group to further their campaign for Government action to reduce the threat of gas shortages and mitigate the impact on energy price volatility.

About Moffatt Associates

In 1988, Clive Moffatt established Moffatt Associates (MA) to provide public and commercial clients with innovative business solutions based on extensive experience and original research.
As markets have evolved, MA has been at the forefront of many developments acting as catalyst to help policy makers and businesses anticipate and adapt to change.

Gas Security Group

The Gas Security Group (GSG) was established in 2017, following the closure of the Rough gas storage facility and the continuing decline of domestic gas production in Western Europe. The GSG was formed to campaign for an urgent re-assessment by the Government of UK gas security and a review of what measures could be taken to improve flexibility of gas supplies and reduce industry’s exposure to gas supply disruptions and increased energy price volatility.

GSG members include the British Ceramic Confederation, Confederation of Paper Industries, Major Energy Users Council and the GMB, representing a large cross-section of major energy users and employee organisations.

The companies represented by the ceramic and paper industry associations alone employ a total of 76,000 people and generate an annual turnover of £14 billion and over £600 million in exports. Altogether, the major private and public- sector energy users represented by the Gas Security Group account for 40% of all UK industrial and commercial gas demand and 35% of UK industrial and commercial electricity demand. The GMB union has 50,000 members engaged in the energy sector, covering gas. nuclear and renewable energy.