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GPontin Ltd

Gpontin Ltd is the company of Economist Graham Pontin and provides services including economic research, business support and thought leadership.

GPontin Ltd has delivered innovative research, economic assessments and thought leadership pieces for a number of clients that include WPI strategy, WPI economics, MLD Support Association UK and IPPR.  

GPontin Ltd is proud of the services it offers and has applied some of the following techniques in its approach for clients.

·       Research - Innovative ideas, empirical evidence and sound policies are all vital as part of research to be a thought leader. It is not enough just to have a high-level idea, or to simply believe there is a problem that needs thinking. To be considered a thought leader a company/individual needs to prove their is an issue, comment on the scale of the issue and provide practical solutions.

·       Launch events - launch events allow a company/individual to not only engage and promote their work but also provides a venue for engagement with the media.

·       Focus groups - focus groups allow a company/individual to further explore the implementation of their ideas and policy proposals. It is no longer enough to simply have an idea, being able to demonstrate your organisations ability to understand the practicalities of implementing the idea is essential.

As director of GPontin Ltd Graham Pontin has a wide degree of expertise that covers areas including developing economic indices, investment and trading within the energy sector, road finance and funding, developing and providing investment certainty, pension fund and alternative funding schemes, state investment banks, procurement, Private Finance Initiative performance and recommendations and how a step change in policy is required to ensure housing supply can meet demand.

Gpontin Ltd applies a pragmatic approach to research and prides itself on helping clients to understand the fundamental drivers behind an issue and then the practicalities of the remedies that could be put in place.