Business Innovate – Website launch

Today the new progressive Business think tank, Business innovate opened for business. This launch meant that two major milestones  were hit:

The launch of the Business Innovate website

Following  development work by myself, today saw the launch of the Business Innovate website.

This site combines clean looks, sharing capabilities, automatic newsletters, security features, membership and event management all in one place to help Business Innovate grow and reach a wider audience.

Being responsive, users are able to easily access the site in a friendly format both via a pc and mobile device for easy reading both in the office and on the move.

To view the site please go to:

Soft Launch event

On the morning of January 16, the soft launch, kindly hosted at the KPMG offices in Salisbury Square, London, saw a broad range of individuals with connections to different sectors of UK business come together to discuss the remit of Business innovate.

Two challenges were set for the roundtable of attendees to discuss. The first was whether the proposed areas that Business Innovate would explore, innovation and fair, inclusive and responsible business practices and their planned work areas constituted a holistic progressive business position. The second challenge was a discussion of what the priority business areas should be for Business Innovate to focus on ahead of the general election should be.

Feedback from the table included agreement that the proposed areas for Business Innovate constituted a holistic progressive business position. On the priorities ahead of the general election, better supporting young people to access opportunities and relevant training was seen as critical for a sustainable UK business future and to tackle high youth unemployment.