WPI – Mobile infrastructure

Graham Pontin as the Company Director and Senior Economist at GPontin Ltd and as a Associate of WPI was asked to support the development of innovative research  for a client.

Where once the PC was the focus of internet activity, with low portability and slow access speeds, this is no longer the case. The internet in the last five years has truly gone mobile. With many activities that would have required a physical wired connection just a few years ago now carried out on the move, the development of 4G networks has shown what mobile data can do.

Using internet in the mobile world has also changed how consumers engage. Business Insider recently reported that, with more and more dedicated apps becoming available and consumers’ increasing willingness to go straight to the services they want, there are real questions over the long-term viability of the traditional search engine and web page model.

Mobile has also opened up a range of opportunities never before thought of. Combined with smart devices in the home such as smart TV’s, heating systems and white goods, consumers can now control their home from work, the cinema or shopping mall.

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