Moffatt Associates – EU Wholesale Markets Study

To execute this study Moffatt Associates conducted what is probably one of the most extensive surveys of energy market participants ever undertaken.

The aims of the study were to identify and evaluate key factors impacting on the liquidity and efficiency or EU wholesale electricity and gas markets. Between mid-January and early May 2008, MA devised and conducted a major market research programme. Given the diverse and varied nature of wholesale energy markets, MA decided to employ a two-stage research methodology involving (a) the use of face-to-face discussions to identify and weight the relative importance of key commercial and policy issues impacting on the operation of wholesale energy markets, and (b) following this with a more detailed survey across a wider market sample to obtain quantitative and qualitative feedback on a range of specific issues arising from the face-to-face discussions.

This involved:

In-depth interviews and discussions with (20) senior executives representing all relevant EU stakeholder associations
Nine focus groups held in Brussels, Milan, Madrid, Copenhagen, London and Vienna, involving a total of 113 market participants
An online questionnaire to illicit quantitative responses – a total of 150 market participants completed the questionnaire

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